A Night Time Story

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One of the icon vistas of the city of Brisbane is from a spot near the corner of Bowen Terrace and Hardcourt Street.

You can take in the view at the top of an escarpment with the Story Bridge in the foreground framing Brisbane’s skyline as the Brisbane River snakes its way under the bridge and along the edge of the city.

This painting I called “A Night Time Story” is inspired by this magnificent view which is even more impressive at night as the last moments of the sunset fades away, the Story Bridge glistens with its golden lights highlighting the majestic structure and the illuminated city reflections distort on the tidal flow of the river.

A Night Time Story
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This artwork is smaller than most of my earlier paintings. I thought it a better approach to go smaller because of all the fine detail in the bridge structure, otherwise it would have taken me forever to complete. My best guess is it took close to around 80 hours to finish. I think from now on I will keep better track of the time taken during my drawing and painting process. It might be good to include these details with my posts. What do you think?

Continuing with the “what do you think” thread, I’m considering entering this painting in an art competition and interested in your thoughts. Please leave your comments and feedback below.

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Artistic work details

Title: A Night Time Story

Date: April 2015

Surface: Stretched canvas

Paint medium: 0il painting

Dimensions: 60cm x 30cm

Price: P.O.A.


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