Here is a brief bio about Greg Nunn. Born in 1965, Greg grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney. His first recollection of being interested in art was doing those colour by numbers paintings, “I think the first one I did was a Clydesdale (draught horse) pulling a wagon. I absolutely loved it. Not too long after that I remember drawing Disney and Warner Bros cartoon characters, I think I must have been around nine or ten at the time. At school I always excelled at art and not too bad at maths either.”

Greg Nunn’s first job was as a draftsman for a large well-respected construction company, producing architectural and engineering designs and perspective drawings. He recalls thinking that job would be the ideal job as it combined both drawing and maths together.

The growth in technology soon followed and Greg found another outlet for his creativity, not painting so much, but in IT using CAD software for 3D renderings of buildings.

Greg Nunn’s painting took a back seat only doing the occasional commissioned work as his professional IT career blossomed. He was still sketching scenes, fine tuning his drawing skills. But most of which Greg filed away and did nothing with.

At the end of 2004 Greg with his wife and two beautiful daughters moved to sunny Queensland, now living north of Brisbane on the shores of Moreton Bay. The move to Queensland was the change in lifestyle needed Greg says. The catalyst for rekindling his love and passion for painting.

Greg Nunn is a self-taught artist with a passion for landscapes. Keen to always improve his skills, over the years Greg has attended lessons and workshops from master artist Marcel Desbeins.

Greg says his goal when painting is to capture and honor the beauty of a scene to the best of his ability. Greg¬†explains “I have a soft spot for water or sea themes. I usually paint from sketches and photographs I have taken on-location. I aim to capture the way the light adds drama and embellishes a landscape. I find this particularly rewarding in a night scene, the way I can play with bright lights broadcasting from multiple locations to add extra colour and theatre to my paintings. I prefer painting with oils but have produced a few acrylic paintings as well.”

Greg is a keen traveller, getting inspiration for paintings from his travels. The sights, the scenes, the culture and the people he meets form the subjects of many of his works. Its like my diary Greg explains “I aim to distill some of those stories and experiences into my artwork. You might say my paintings serve as a visual journal of places I have visited and people I meet.”

Awards and Exhibitions

2017, Finalist, Lethbridge 10000 small scale art award, Brisbane

2016, Finalist, Brisbane Art Prize, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Brisbane

2016, RNA Ekka Fine Arts Exhibition, Brisbane

2016, Finalist, Lethbridge 10000 small scale art award, Brisbane

2016, Finalist, Rotary Art Spectacular, Brisbane

2015, Finalist, Lethbridge 10000 small scale art award, Brisbane