wise-pole-160I moved up to Queensland the year I turned 40 and thought it was about time I started to look at some type of outlet away from work pressures. That’s when I decided to take up painting. My first painting was a very simple acrylic piece I called “wise pole”. I did it a day or two after the family and I went fishing at a local jetty. I was sitting there at the jetty with this single pole right in front of me. Etched into my memory were the deep weathered cracks in the pole, like wrinkles on an old man’s face. It was like the pole was a wise old elder with multitudes of engaging stories to tell about what he had witnessed over the history of the place. Tide marks stained the wise pole at the water line where a mass of barnacles congregated as if there to listen to the stories of the wise one. Then as you cast your eye beyond the pole the sun rays start dancing along the water, shimmering like diamonds, embellishing the stories with movement and providing warmth and spectacle to the occasion.

waves-of-sand-600The second painting I did was also an acrylic with a water theme, “waves of sand”. I was intrigued by the shallow cast by the wash of a wave along the beach. The movement of wave has so many dynamics to it as it retreats back down the beach the wave’s speed causes ripples in the surface of the sand creating waves of sand under the racing waves of water. Foam in the wave’s wash act like clouds in the sky casting shadows onto the sand below, as do the ripples on the water surface and the refraction it causes to light slightly distorting the terrain underneath. The wave’s wash acts as tiny bulldozers pushing light debris and shells up the beach into perfect arcs aligned to the edge of the wave. Then silently the wave disappears as it’s last remnants dissolve and are soaked up by the sand leaving only a darker wet stain on the sand surface and scattered islands of foam waiting for their inevitable demise under the heat of the sun.

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